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Do the robots in this cut alternate between CGI and 2D?

0:14 - 0:18 - Looks possibly 2D. Green part on torso pops on and off whilst flying through the air. Can imperfections happen like that in 3D

0:20 - 0:24 - Definitely looks CG the way the everything inbetweens with such consistency.

Also there are some random frames where smears and speed distortion is used, which I'm guessing is also 2D.
0:14 - 0:18 was done by Yoshinari, Takeshi Honda re-animated it.
It's 2D.

0:11 is also 2D.

0:19 is obviously referenced from Mitsuo Iso.

The first two films had lots of re-animated shots.
It's the third film where everything starts to develop and become more original.

All the CG shots were animated in 2D first as far as I could tell.
You can see it in the making of clips.
I had a genga version gif of 0.10-0:13, is this Honda's?



Forget my earlier question, I didn't sleep well at all last night.